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Is The Doctor In? Our Petition Needs Your Help!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Hey Doc,

We've got a couple of questions for you. Do you want your freedom from the madness?!? Are you exhausted from not being heard, being vilified and feeling like no one cares for YOU? Well, we hear you and we’re fighting for you!

Physicians Working Together (PWT) is an international grassroots physician advocacy group. We’re tackling the ever-increasing pressures on physicians to compromise quality patient care and/or their own well-being which has lead to many undesired outcomes including physicians changing profession and the heartbreaking, alarming rates of physician suicides. We've been working tirelessly since 2015 to be a shoulder for the physician to lean on, since, there aren't very many.

To kick things off, we created National Physicians Week (NPW) 3/25-3/31, then held nationwide healthcare town halls with patients, and have strengthened our voice with physician collaborations.

Most importantly, we launched our

platform providing a much needed inter-specialty forum via our “virtual physician lounge.”

This forum is for physicians from all disciplines to learn from one another’s experiences, share information, and find solutions to universal physician issues that affect patient care and physicians’ wellness.

PWT helps and supports our present physicians, but we don’t leave out our future docs - the medical student. This year, during our 4th year NPW celebration we introduced our annual medical student scholarships!

Now, we're working on our next big thing. Hate those (one-sided, inaccurate) online physician reviews - we get it. So, Yelp, we’re coming for you! We have created a petition to remove online physician reviews with over 36,000 signatures and counting, but it can’t stop there.

Signatures are great but change requires financial resources - we’ve engaged counsel but funding is needed to pursue real change!

And we have much more in store! To further our endeavors, we need your help! Please support PWT today so we can continue to work together to make things better! Simply text PWT to 71777 or click the link to donate today:

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