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In the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, the world collaborated to celebrate physicians and healthcare workers by naming them Heroes. Physicians Working Together, Inc (PWT) president Dr. Kimberly F. Jackson, like many of her colleagues, went beyond the frontlines to the news headlines to educate the public on safety protocols. The topic has died down, but physicians are still working hard every day to improve healthcare behind the scenes.


“New healthcare developments during the pandemic forced healthcare workers to learn a lot of information in a short period of time and we’re still learning. PWT members are working together as mentors to strengthen the present and future of healthcare. We’re dedicated to sharing our experiences to prepare and educate the next generation of outstanding physicians.” Dr. Kimberly F. Jackson


Dr. Kimberly F. Jackson has been instrumental in highlighting the annual recognition of Doctors Day and extending the celebration from one day to a week (March 25 -31). Dr. Jackson would like to remind doctors and patients nationwide that National Physicians Week is the perfect time to reflect on the tremendous impact that physicians have on the well-being of our society. 


Throughout the week, take the opportunity to show your support and appreciation for your physician or a fellow professional.


Here Are the Top Ten Ways To Celebrate National Physicians Week in 2023:


  1. Send a doctor red carnation and/or gift of your choice to show appreciation.

  2. Host a Zoom or virtual celebration.

  3. Doctors can take the day off (If the schedule permits)

  4. Record and post a video to show gratitude for your doctor and physicians nationwide.

  5. Encourage others and spread the word about National Physicians Week on and offline.

  6. Write or share an article about National Physicians Week.

  7. Offer product or service discounts to doctors.

  8. Host an office party to celebrate staff physicians.

  9. Plan a happy hour or networking event for physicians and the community.

  10. Send red carnations and or/greeting cards.



Encourage others and spread the word through social media. Share your celebratory content by using the following hashtags:







To physicians, medical student and patients everywhere, we're here for you in 2022 and beyond!

We're #Best2Gether!

While our world faced a global pandemic, healthcare workers and patients depended on science and the collective leadership of physicians to help us get through it. The sudden appearance of COVID-19 did not come with an instruction manual for a cure. However, we give our gratitude to the brave and hard-working healthcare leaders who not only prevailed through COVID-19, but also found new and innovative ways to care for our country. From the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful!

As we approach National Physicians Week (March 25–31), Physicians Working Together (PWT) extends an invitation to the community to share stories about a physician hero via video or article. This would also be a great opportunity for physicians to submit their own stories, as we would love to hear directly from the heroes who risk their own health to care for their patients. During National Physicians Week, PWT will share the videos and articles on and Physician Outlook. Look forward to a virtual celebration of our courageous physicians on Doctors’ Day on March 31, where they will be honored for their poise and excellence in leadership in the midst of a global pandemic. 

For a video submission, please create a 60-second MP4 video that is in good taste and without profanity. If you wish, you could either record solo or with a group to tell your story, but please be sure to record in a well-lit area. We want to see those pretty smiles! If you will be using a mobile device to record, please turn your phone horizontally (landscape mode) for the best quality. After making your perfect video or article, please send it to and we will be sure to view it as soon as we can.

We can’t wait to hear from each and everyone of you!

This Is Our Shot - PWT

Please join Physicians Working Together as we commemorate our 6th annual National Physicians Week during the week of March 25-31, 2021.


As our nation faced the cumbersome threat of COVID 19, the world recognized the sacrifice, dedication, and honor of healthcare workers. The sentiment helped us work through perils on the frontlines. 


In 2015, Family Medicine Physician Dr. Kimberly Jackson founded Physicians Working Together (PWT) and in 2016 launched National Physicians Week (NPW) held from March 25-31. Each year NPW is dedicated to celebrating physicians across the country. We gather in celebration this year to encourage physicians, healthcare workers, and communities to get on one accord to help us end the coronavirus pandemic.  PWT provides a platform where doctors can combine efforts and foster healthy physician relationships through collaboration and genuine camaraderie. Physicians Working Together members sending a message during National Physicians Week 2021 to lead by example and educate our communities on the safety and importance of getting vaccinated. 


The development of the COVID-19 vaccine has given us hope, but we cannot heal from the pandemic if we fail to get shots in the arms of Americans. We understand the fear and reluctance of many about the newly developed serum. As healthcare professionals, we trust the science and the empirical data that supports the COVID-19 vaccine. Increased insights into immunology and modern technology have helped us get here in record time.


According to Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, about 70% to 85% of the US population should be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before the country can begin to return to a sense of normalcy. 


Physicians Working Together is a non-profit organization focused on CONNECTING, COLLABORATING, and CARING for physicians, medical students, and the communities served.


#ThisIsOurShot to educate, become stronger healthcare leaders in our communities, and work together to heal our nation. Together we can find a path to living in our new normal. Please join us in sharing this message of hope. Physicians, please share your vaccination social media posts with us on Instagram or Facebook. (@physiciansworkingtogether) We will include your photos in our National Physicians Week campaign. Visit us at


#ThisIsOurShotPWT #NationalPhysiciansWeek2021 #BackToLife2021

#PhysiciansWorkingTogether #Best2gether #DrKimberlyJackson

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