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Our Mission
Physicians Working Together is dedicated to CONNECTING, COLLABORATING, and CARING for physicians, medical students, and the communities that we serve.

Physicians Working Together (PWT) was formed to provide a platform that supports, celebrates, and uplifts physicians – our fellow healthcare heroes. The Founder Dr. Kimberly F. Jackson is also responsible for founding National Physicians Week – a national holiday celebrated annually by doctors around the world during the week of March 25th - 31st.  As we grew into a non-profit organization, we were motivated to extend our outreach efforts to support medical students and academically inclined high school students in under-served communities.

PWT provides helpful medical resources, physician advocacy, virtual mentorship for grade school scholars, medical students, and an annual medical student scholarship contest. We aim to bridge the gap in the mentorship relationship between doctors and future physician hopefuls and the limitations that prevent medical students from completing their studies.
The Future Physicians of America program gives back with our 3 C’s approach in mind.  Physicians can CONNECT to make a difference in our healthcare future and COLLABORATE on the philanthropic effort to provide financial support and mentorship to enrolled medical students. We’re dedicated to helping future physicians find success on their journey to the finish line. With our support, PWT future physicians will be well-prepared to provide quality CARE to patients.

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Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference in the future of healthcare right now! Your contributions strengthen our capacity to connect, collaborate, and care for physicians, medical students, and the communities that we serve.  Together, we can provide solutions for the future of our healthcare. 

Make Your Mark!

Please Help Us Support Our Future Physicians...

Beyond the banter and political debating about the fate of healthcare, the medical community is experiencing an inferred epidemic with Physician shortages.  


We never imagined that the general public would experience a nationwide shortage of toilet paper and other essential items, but we did. Could you imagine life with a worldwide shortage of physicians? 


Our livelihood depends on good doctors. America’s environment of uncertain healthcare futures mixed with the terrors of COVID-19 can easily dissuade the potential interest of physician hopefuls. Future doctors need assurance, and medical students need support. That’s our cause at Physicians Working Together, to connect, collaborate, and care for physicians, medical students, and the communities that we serve.


Please select Physicians Working Together as your charity of choice for your end of year charitable donations.  Your contributions will help us support medical students as they strive to become physicians. 


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