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Our initiatives provide among other things, medical student scholarships, patient/community outreach and education. Your donations will keep us on target to impacting the healthcare system that serves us all.

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We are a qualified tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) Charitable Organization

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PWT Featured Physician Story 

Dr. Latisha Rowe

National Physicians Week 2020 - PWT "Reflections of Medical School"

The duties of a working physician can be overwhelming, yet rewarding. In retrospect, taking the time to appreciate the fact that at some point, we all found the strength to conquer medical school and realizing we couldn’t have done it without support whether from family, friends, professors or even strangers makes us even more humbled and honor to be part of such a noble and honorable calling. Whether #allopathic or #osteopathic, our medical school experiences were the foundation for the physicians we are today.

PWT invites physicians worldwide to join us during National Physicians Week 2020 by submitting an inspiring 60 second - 6 minute video or audio clip (with High Definition Photos) that chronicles their medical school memories.
The compilation of our stories will be shared throughout the weeks leading up to our National Physicians Week 2020 campaign. (March 25 -31). We will speak with sentiment from the following areas of the journey:

Sacrifice, Dedication, and Triumph! ​Specific audio/video requirements:  If you will be recording your video from a mobile device, please ensure that your phone is in to landscape position ( ↔ ) prior to recording. Do your best to record the video in focus and in sufficient lighting.

You can also utilize your mobile device as an audio recorder to capture a 60 second clip of you sharing reflections about medical school and your pathway into becoming a practicing physician. 60 seconds is not a lot of time so please do your best to touch on points of view that spark insight on the medical journey with an encouraging tone that motivates current medical students.

With this option, please send at least 2 high quality photos with your audio recording.  Submit MP4 video or MP3 audio via Google Drive to

We are looking forward to hearing your stories!