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2022 PWT Medical Student Scholarship Winner, Lauren Senkbeil Interview

Lauren Senkbeil is the winner of the 2022 Physicians Working Together Medical Student Scholarship. She is a second-year medical student at Ross University School of Medicine, President of Health X Hollywood, and co-founder of the Coalition of Black Men Physicians. Since second grade, she has been fascinated by the field of medicine and has long aspired to be a physician.

The PWT Medical Student Scholarship takes an untraditional route to reward students beyond their academic achievements. Unlike many scholarships that prioritize academic achievements, the PWT scholarship focuses on the unique talents and abilities of the medical student. This annual contest allows them to be true to themselves.

Lauren is focused on challenging the status quo and changing policy as she continues to be involved with organizations, government entities and stakeholders who influence decision-making for vulnerable populations.

She firmly believes that through education, initiatives, and events designed to harness the social power of individuals that we can foster productive relationships and beneficially impact the health status of communities.

In this video interview with PWT Executive Director, Eric Funches, she shared her path to medicine, detailing the challenges she faced and the inspiration that drove her to pursue a career in healthcare. She talks about her challenges and how she overcame them with support from mentors, and academic institutions.

She expressed her excitement for the opportunity to work alongside PWT and other healthcare professionals to advocate for more medical student support as they work to get into medical school.

Help us congratulate Lauren on winning the scholarship and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Watch the video below to hear more about her journey to medicine and her exciting plans for the future.

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