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Heart-related diseases have been the global leading cause of death since 1950. It is so out of control that this year alone, one out of five individuals WILL die from heart-related disease.

It is quite scary to think that it takes one human life every 34 seconds. But here’s the thing: with the right steps, heart diseases are preventable.

Since it’s already February, it means that it’s time for heart health awareness month; and I find it imperative to talk to you about heart health and how you could avoid being a part of the statistics of heart disease.

Join me today as I talk you through this along with valuable but often overlooked information you need in maximizing your heart health.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Know the most common risk factors associated with heart disease and how to avoid them;

  • Learn the importance of having regular checkups, having a healthy diet, and having a good amount of physical activities in relation to your heart’s health; and

  • Discover the direct relationship between your emotional stress and your heart health.

“I’m going to keep stressing its importance [heart health awareness] until heart disease isn’t the number one leading cause of death in the country. It is just what it is.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

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