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Thank You For Supporting 'PWT' Over The Years

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

We’d like to take the time to give a huge thank you to our PWT Shield Members!

These are persons who have stepped up, not only with their words but with their actions! They’ve given equivalent to a minimum of $100 monthly for a year and are ambassadors of the values this group strives to uphold: collaboration, commitment, competency, compassion, caring, and there's more, of course. They’ll be receiving their very own plaque with year notation badges!

We invite you to join them! We're excited we have medical students, residents, practicing and non practicing physicians and we also realize that amount may not be something you can do at this time. Well be on the lookout for other ways you can support and give with a special event coming up next week!

In the meantime, here are others ways in addition to donating you can get involved and show your support: 1) sharing information 2) increasing membership 3) speaking up 4) volunteering What better time to do this than now, as we get ready to celebrate the 5th National Physicians Week in March 2020?!? Help us continue to educate the public and award more medical students scholarships!

For those who don’t know, these are our accomplishments to date: 1) We started with 3 members June 2015 in 3 states to ~9000 internationally and we launched our website 2) Collaborated with PMG to celebrate the first ever NWPD (Feb 3, 2016) 3) Started National Physicians Week March 25-31 in 2016. Honored to be selected by National Day Calendar: 4) Participated in and sponsored physician advocacy events in Washington, D.C. 2016 til present 5) Physician Appreciation Activities - annually since March 2016 - local and national sponsors - Thank you to our sponsors and gift participants. We sincerely appreciate your help and giving spirit! 6) Nationwide Heathcare Town Halls - held bi-annually since 2016 - 7) With other grassroots groups, met with AMA president 8) Held the first PWT Virtual Physician Conference - 2018 9) Launched Best2Gether Initiative and website - 2018 10) Annual Medical Student Scholarships started 2019 And last but definitely not least, gained non profit status this year retroactive from March 2017. To our our Shield Members, as well as anyone who has so graciously and generously given, remember to take your receipts to your tax preparer for your tax deductible benefits. We know it’s not the main reason you give but we also know it’s a good thing for many to reduce their taxes! Thank you PWT for all you do. Because of you, we've been able to accomplish everything we have and will accomplish more! We're looking forward to the future.

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