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Small Steps Lead to A Huge Impact In Healthcare

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

“Dear Friend and PWT colleague,

Dear Friend and PWT colleague,

I want to talk plainly to you today. This is not a hype letter, but rather a look into my heart. I started Physicians Working Together (PWT) as a Facebook group in June of 2015 with just three members. The reason for PWT was because I was devastated emotionally after one of my colleagues, (a mother, wife, and extremely talented physician) committed suicide because of the ever increasing demands and little support or understanding from those outside the profession for those in the profession. I wanted to create a platform where patients and physicians could work together to gain an understanding and create solutions that would make healthcare better for all. I have put thousands of my own money into supporting PWT, a non-profit organization, so that this dream of changing healthcare for all by collaborative work of physicians and lay-people can come to pass.

The Facebook group has since expanded to over 8,500 members from around the world. Our platform includes patient outreach and education, physician empowerment and advocacy, medical student support and scholarships, and our recently-introduced initiatives addressing online physician reviews, and the need for online physician privacy. We have so much that we want to do, but we cannot do it alone! Presently the expenses for PWT are more than one person or even a small group of people can handle. I am reaching out to you, a friend and colleague, to ask you to join me in investing in an organization that invests in you and creates positive changes for our healthcare future.

I’m humbly requesting that if my commitment, drive, and passion to change healthcare for all resonates with you, then become a monthly supporter. Donate $25, $50 or $100 a month to Physicians Working Together for at least the next 12 months. This will help PWT proceed with our mission objectives, educate patients on how to get the most our of their healthcare, continue to help our medical students, and empower and collaborate with other physicians to create better processes for them and their patients.

Our present budget includes attorney & administrative costs and Public Relations fees. To address our new initiatives, specifically tackling unfair online physician reviews, a major focus for National Physicians Week (NPW) 2020, we must first raise the $10,000 lawyer retainer fee. Addressing continuing initiatives will also cost thousands of dollars that will not only involve attorney fees, but research, education, and an appropriately strong PR campaign. We have already contracted two outreach platforms: Mobile Cause and Constant Contact. We have devoted many hours and considerable financial resources into obtaining and utilizing these programs, as well as establishing and maintaining our websites, blogs, pages, etc. PWT needs your immediate assistance for these tools to be successful and for these initial investments to be fruitful. To come on board with us, text “PWT” to 71777 or click If you would like to mail a check (no cash please), please send to: Physicians Working Together, Post Office Box 3588 ˑ Phenix City, AL 36868-3588.

Our initial goal is to get at least 40 persons to commit to $100 a month for the next year, 50 to commit to $50/month, and 100 to commit to $25/month. This will allow our budgetary needs to be met and provide at least two medical student scholarships for NPW 2020 next year. The more donors and donations, the more scholarships we can offer - we would love to be able to offer 5 scholarships. Please sincerely consider committing to a monthly donation.

I would love to be able to share with our communities that you are one of the PWT Founding Shield members, a warrior to support and help your fellow physicians and protect the physician-patient relationship! As PWT is a non profit, your gift is tax deductible. To say “thanks” for your support, we have some special “gifts” in store for our supporters who sign up through October pledging their one-year commitment. I understand, as a fellow supporter of this great and noble mission, your motivating drive is not the “gifts”. What fuels your actions are your own personal and inward heart to give every day for the greater good, to help and heal the hurting, the broken-hearted, and in the case of physicians, the broken bodies of those in need. PWT is devoted with you to be there for the hurting, while remembering that the healer needs healing too. I am heartbroken thinking another physician might take their life because they feel defeated and alone, or for any reason. Our initiative, “You’re not alone, Doc”, highlighted in our site was created this very purpose, to show our physician colleagues that we are brothers and sisters in medicine, and we are here for each other! Even if you’re not a physician, please go and check it out.

Thank you for joining me in working together to help all patients get the care that they need for their families, themselves, and loved ones. Thank you for joining me in working together to educate our leaders, communities, the general public, and even across the aisle with various groups to achieve the positive changes that are needed. To my physician brothers and sisters, supporting our present and future physicians shows the world the true heart of physicians, our sacrifices, challenges, and triumphs - who better to share our stories, than us?

With profound gratitude, I appreciate all you do! Let’s show the world we are “Physicians Working Together...Because Together We’re Best”

Sincerest regards,

Kim (Dr J)

Founder, Physicians Working Together”

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