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Doctor’s Diary: COVID-19/BLM: COWMAN

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Battling this pandemic has been laid in the hands of States, with six in the midwest forming a coalition. Armed together with technology, they intend to engage as a team against COVID-19 to protect their citizens.

California and other western states should consider this same tactic, as we have the technical knowledge and financial endowment of Silicon Valley, with research and education background of great universities. We could throw in Oregon and Washington covering the coast, and call the coalition The United States of COW. Most would say that is “utterly” ridiculous!

If six states is a magic number, then adding Montana, Arizona, and Nevada would give us COWMAN, which certainly would be a hybrid. Why we even have to consider this when we are The United States sadly makes no sense. We fight wars together, win Olympic medals as a team, and connect ourselves with Interstate highways. Why not fight this virus together?

We have always had leadership in our battles. Now we just have COWMAN, and a lot of bull.

I utter no more. Mooooo…..

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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