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We would love to be able to share with our communities that you are one of the PWT Founding Shield members, a warrior to support and help your fellow physicians and protect the physician-patient relationship! As PWT is a non profit, your gift is tax deductible.
To say “thanks” for your support, we have some special “gifts” in store for our supporters who sign up through October pledging their one-year commitment. I understand, as a fellow supporter of this great and noble mission, your motivating drive is not the “gifts”. What fuels your actions are your own personal and inward heart to give every day for the greater good, to help and heal the hurting, the broken-hearted, and in the case of physicians, the broken bodies of those in need.
PWT is devoted with you to be there for the hurting, while remembering that the healer needs healing too. I am heartbroken thinking another physician might take their life because they feel defeated and alone, or for any reason. Our initiative, “You’re not alone, Doc”, highlighted in our site was created this very purpose, to show our physician colleagues that we are brothers and sisters in medicine, and we are here for each other! Even if you’re not a physician, please join the conversation.


Become one of our PWT Founding Shield Members by making 12 monthly donations of $100 or one annual donation of $1200.


medical student scholarship fund

Physicians Working Together is a non-profit, multi-specialty physician group dedicated to serving as a reliable resource for present and future physicians. Our leading members work to strengthen physician relationships and to explore feasible solutions for healthcare problems.  We strive to support physicians’ physical and mental well-being, to ensure they know they are not alone. Together, we are a shield of protection in the war on medicine.  Our platform includes helpful medical resources and information, physician advocacy as well as medical student support and scholarships.  

Each year during National Physicians Week, we encourage physicians and medical students to celebrate and engage with peers. In tandem, we have a bit of fun by featuring a talent contest for Medical Students with submissions from dancers, singers, musicians, poets, and other artists.  The PWT Medical Student Scholarship is awarded to the participant with the most votes online!  

We need your help to keep it going!  You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking below!  Thank you!

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