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What is your happiness level?

The United States is a wealthy nation, yet we don’t rank in the top ten countries in the World Happiness Report.  Yep, there is one, and we rank 18th and sinking.  Why?

The Report claims the horizon forebodes increasing obesity, the opioid crisis, and depression.  I would like to add gun violence, homelessness, increasing government dysfunction, a shrinking middle class, and falling life expectancy.

These are wide-ranging issues with little individual control.  But, to a certain degree we can control: physical health:  exercising, eating right, guidance by medical professionals;mental health:  using your brain, having responsibilities and purpose, not being alone;social health:  surrounded by family, friends, church, clubs, volunteering, donating;financial security:  not threatened by homelessness;safety:  security in home and living environment;transportation:  having easy access to work, recreation, shopping, and entertainment;technology:  education and internet connection;community:  mindful and caring for those underserved or uneducated leaving no one behind;employment:  hoping for job security, but being ready to re-adapt or re-tool.

By-the-way, the nation ranked last is Burundi, 156th, and is therefore the saddest country in the world. We must strive to do better without money being the stimulus. Smile, be happy.

Happy New Year!

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