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The Future of Medicine Is In Our Hands

In this week's episode of Lunch & Learn with Dr. Berry, we bring you our amazing guest Dr. Kimberly Funches Jackson, a board-certified physician and the founder of Physicians Working Together. Dr. Jackson is also the founder of National Physicians Week, a national celebration, (March 25-31) that recognizes the dedication, sacrifice, and triumph of physicians across the board. Dr. Jackson founded Physicians Working Together (PWT) in 2015 to create an exciting social movement that focuses on connecting, collaborating, and caring for physicians, medical students, and the communities served. PWT provides a platform where doctors can combine efforts that will strengthen healthy physician relationships through collaboration and genuine camaraderie.

Today, Dr. Kimberly Jackson talks about the future of medicine, the importance of physicians working together towards a common goal, and making sure that physicians have a seat at the table.

This episode aims for you to learn more about:

-The Importance of Physician Camaraderie

-Aligning physician leaders as medical student mentors is crucial to the future of medicine

-Family Medicine (POST COVID)

-How strong the healthcare system is depends on the actions of everyone that it serves.

Join me and Dr. Kimberly today as we talk about how "The Future of Medicine Is In Our Hands" (Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review if you are an apple podcast user) All my best Dr. Berry Pierre

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