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COVID-19: The Reality of Suffering

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

He was a prisoner of war 5 1/2 years, spending several years in solitary confinement.  John McCain was tortured, yet became a US Senator, and Presidential candidate.

He suffered.

Over the past several days in my neighborhood, there have been two street birthday parties for children with no face masks or social separation.  As I ran by, I asked a friend what was going on, and he offered ”They were all cooped up and needed to get out, and the children suffered enough.”  Suffered enough?  Being cooped up?  How about being tortured or in solitary confinement?

Suffering.  Do people really know what this means?  Do we pamper when they complain of being “cooped up?”  Must we protect our children to this degree...possibly risking their lives and the people around them?

I don’t want to be harsh, as I’m sure in the past I was also protective.  Somehow this goes beyond balancing the “risks and complications” I deal with on a daily basis.  Maybe I’ve become a grouchy old man.

John McCain suffered. I dare to think the repercussions if you take away your child’s iPad!  Do it!  Your child may then grow up to be a US Senator.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

PWT Member

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